A Taste of Sicily

The New selection of Diforti Extra virgin Olive Oil is now available.

The olive oil is thought to have descended from the Gods and has been of central importance to Italian culture since antiquity. From this cultural centricity, Italy is at the foremost of olive oil production and has the largest variety and the most varied flavours incorporating techniques learned and refined through the ages to the most advanced 21st century technology. Savour the fruit of the Gods and the pride of a nation from the sweet and subtle to the rustic and refined, the Extra Virgin Olive Oils lifts the prestige of any dish from everyday settings the more refined where the tastes are more demanding.

A taste of Sicily is a selection of Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Originating from the valley of temples in Sicily, This oil is derived from monocoltivar “Biancolilla” olives cold press obtaining a deep and strong distinctive flavour with hints of artichoke. Traditionally coupled with fish dishes and other summer recipes.

The purest.

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tasteofsicilyA Taste of Sicily
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