Speciality & Fine Food Fair London 2016 – come and find us!

Come and taste the best of our products at London’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2016, at the Olympia until Tuesday September 6th. Our team of handsome lads (don’t tell them we think so!) are all suited and booted in their Sicilian flat caps and braces, ready for three days’ hard work sharing the best of our food with the good folk of London and beyond!

We are thrilled to be exhibiting here at stall 3824. The annual Speciality & Fine Food Fair is always a great occasion, and one of our favourite events of the foodie calendar. We travel to a lot of food fairs, but few have the the generous, festive atmosphere of SFFF. You can hardly move inside the Olympia for stalls laden with everything from local honey to (no kidding) Tango-flavoured popcorn!

We may not have a throne made of chocolate (last year there was even a life-size baby elephant made of the stuff!) but we do have our beautiful wooden benches full to overflowing with bowls of olives, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, and seafood. Try dipping some fresh crusty bread in one of our award-winning infused extra virgin olive oils or fresh pestos. Or, if you can handle the spice, what about the infamous Nduja sausage?

A firm favourite, though, remains the incomparable fresh Sicilian cannoli. We fill the classic delicate fried pastry shells with sweetened fresh ricotta, and dip the ends in the vivid green crunch of crushed pistacchio. These babies tend to fly off the counter as quickly as we can fill them, so come and get them while you can!

Now all we need to know is which stall that delicious coffee smell was coming from – someone fetch us some espressi and we’ll be in seventh heaven!

And remember you can explore all our products via our online catalogue, whether you want them for your deli, your restaurant, or your own kitchen table!

tasteofsicilySpeciality & Fine Food Fair London 2016 – come and find us!

Six mouthwatering flavours

We have been working hard these last 9 months and now it’s time to reveal our new melt-in-the-mouth handmade Italian pastries, in six mouthwatering flavours. Watch this space for more sweet surprises coming soon…@difortis #pastries @Speciality_Food #SFFF15 #stand3620 #tasteofsicily @difortis 


tasteofsicilySix mouthwatering flavours