Why Choose Us

Manufacturing Excellence

  • 100 years’ experience in production
  • Only the freshest ingredients for the best flavour
  • Flexibility and rapid scaling of production
  • Bespoke products and packaging on request, pack in bulk or retail
  • Consistent quality of raw materials & taste of final product
  • Collaboration with your NPD department to customise existing or create bespoke recipes

Food Safety and Quality Standards

  • Most complete product specifications including Micro, Nutritional, Chemical and Allergen info
  • Labelling to latest European standards
  • Rapid response from our technical team


  • UK Head Office and stock warehouse facility in Hertfordshire
  • 48 hours lead time delivery all over UK
  • ONE STOP SHOP for Mediterranean/Italian Products of the highest quality
  • Constant Supply of Cured Meats, Cheeses, Marinated Seafood, Oils, Nuts & Pastries
  • Highly flexible and reliable workforce
  • 15 years’ experience in the UK market
  • Range of more than 80 different Antipasti products

Sales and Marketing Support

  • Instructional Leaflets
  • Product Marketing Leaflets
  • Point of Sale
  • Co-Marketing
  • Product Tasting
  • Product Training to Sales Representatives
  • Exhibition Support
tasteofsicilyWhy Choose Us